About Us

Digital Games Table

Our vision – Bring people together to play together. It’s Better Together!

Digital Games Table was created with the idea of combining the best elements of live and online games into an interactive games table that provides the absolute greatest interaction between players. The Digital Games Table addresses many issues that have led to decreased player interaction, time waste and gaming errors.

By designing a digital games table that requires everyone to be present at the table to play, we are breaking down the social barriers that often come with digital games. The goal is to change the game world by making sure everyone is interacting with each other to play the game. This is done with state-of-the-art, multi-player gaming that is accessed in your own home – now you don’t have to go anywhere to play!

Player Privacy

A big draw to using a digital games table is ensuring that the player’s private information (for example, their poker cards) is secured from the rest of the group. Digital Games Table achieves this with two designs.

The table comes with embedded individual screens, for all the players private information.The community information is then displayed on a large TV screen set in the middle of the table.

In other words, you can’t play the game without the two pieces of gaming information in front of you, which guarantees the most secure playing experience.

Getting Rid of Waste

Another goal the Digital Games Table has is eliminating waste, including cards, chips and other gaming pieces. This also helps get rid shuffling, dealing and setting up the game.

In a regular poker game, a player can play an average of 25 to 35 hands every hour. By getting rid of the chips and cards, a player can now play between 50 to 70 hands an hour; this is particularly beneficial when playing on a Digital Games Table, as we have more than 21 different variants of poker. This advantage is especially beneficial for serious poker players that want to win as many games as possible.

Instead of a dealer, each deal is computer generated and guaranteed to deal randomly without any dealer errors, which also saves time in the long run. By not having a dealer, everyone can play at the same time; no more sitting out or taking turns, and no more misdeals.

With a computer-generated system, Digital Games Table also saves time when it comes to calculating the complex winnings. The special formula was created to instantly calculate the pot so players don’t have to waste time trying to figure it out.

Customized, Unique Digital Games Table

Each and every Digital Games Table is customizable and unique to your liking – from the table model option to the number of seats to the size of the TV screen to the table colors and more, your table will stand out from others.

All of our tables are developed and manufactured in the USA. To guarantee satisfaction, all of our tables are inspected and tested before being shipping.