Table Options

Digital Games Table has an unlimited amount of table options that you can customize to create your ideal digital games table.

The first table option you need to consider is our two table models that come in five different seating arrangements. These table options are designed to maximize player privacy and efficiency.

The first table option is the Model G table. This Digital Games Table requires players to use their personal phones to play, so it comes with USB ports so players can charge their phones. Players then receive their individual player information (for example, their poker cards) on their phones. Please note that each player has to download the Digital Games Table app to play the game.

The second more expensive table option is the Model N table. This table comes with embedded individual screens so the player’s don’t have to worry about hooking up their phones or downloading the app; everything is provided with the table

No matter which option you go with, players can’t look at each other’s information. The community information is then displayed on a large TV screen set in the middle of the table.

Table Options: Managing System

Once you choose your table model, you now have to decide whether or not to upgrade your table’s managing system.

For both Model G and Model N tables, the table’s managing system is done through a game controlled with a web-based browser; this means the tables need a connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

With a Model S table upgrade, there is no need for an Internet connection; the table comes with its own built-in server. Upgrading to a Model S is an additional $5,000 but totally worth the cost.

Table Options: Colors, Seating and Add-Ons

From there, designing your Digital Games Table is a piece of cake.

The standard color choice for a table is black vinyl, though gray, dark green, red and yellow vinyl are also available at an additional price.

The Model G and Model N tables measure at 40” or 85” length (depending on the number of players), 40” width and 32” height with 29” to the underside, though you can upgrade to 95” length at an additional cost.

The tables can seat five different options: 2 seats, 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats and 10 seats, though you can customize your table for any shape or size you want.

Digital Games Table can also add cupholders, folding legs, a management tablet and more for additional costs.

Games You Can Play

No matter the table options, you and your friends and family can play a variety of games on your digital games table; you can even mix games for every round so you don’t play the same game over and over. For our serious players, you can also create tournaments.

All you need is a standard power outlet and Wi-Fi connection if you have a Model G or Model N table; the Model S comes with its own built-in server.

Digital Games Table offers 18 different poker games and blackjack with more games coming soon. To download games, visit the Apple App Store

The table supports either a cash game or a sit and go mode where you can set a betting structure with limit, pot limit or no-limit.

If you are unsure about how to play a certain game or operate the game on the table, don’t worry! Each digital games table comes with a manual that explains everything. Just sit back, relax and start playing.

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack (no house; each player becomes the house for one hand)
  • Blackjack regular (against the house)
  • Chinese poker
  • Omaha 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – regular, double flop, hi-low
  • Tahoe
  • Texas Hold’Em


  • Craps
  • Crapsless
  • Roulette