Buy a “Virtual Table” and build your own amazing digital poker table

Introducing our latest innovation – the Virtual Table! With the Galshan Digital software suite, you can now build your own digital game table that is both exciting and customizable. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

First, you will need an Apple TV 4K with the Galshan Digital Game Table app, which allows you to broadcast the game to a TV. You can choose from several options, including TV mode for an overhead display, Hybrid mode for a casino look table and Broadcast mode for exposed cards like a TV show (with the option to broadcast the game live or with a delay). Additionally, you will need a regular TV to broadcast the game and an Apple device (such as a mini-iPad) with the Galshan Digital Management app to manage the table, including deposits, games, and various other options. With just one management device, you can manage all your tables.

To complete your Virtual Table setup, you will need an end point device for each player at the table. You can choose from two different user apps: the Galshan Digital Client App, which is currently available on the Apple app store (with an Android version coming this year), or the Galshan Digital Bar Game Center (available on Apple app store and we have a beta ver on the Android store)  which displays all game information for the player like an online poker game.

We offer different price options for our Virtual Table:

Virtual Table packageOne-time feeMonthly subscription
  • Onetime fee – This is the initial setup of the table. The more you pay upfront the less the monthly cost will be.
  • Monthly subscription – Will be charged every quarter for the next 3 month on a CC. The subscription can be stopped every quarter.

Experience the excitement of a Virtual Table today with Galshan Digital!

If you’re interested in creating your own brand of digital games solution, we also offer a “White Label” plan for companies who want to have their own Digital Game brand. Contact us for more information.