New features in the digital poker tables Q1-2024

“Run it twice” – In Texas Holdem the manager can now run the flop/turn/river twice. This can be set any time in the hand before the river is delt.

Group management – The manager can set a lists of players, then the list can be uploaded to the table to shorten time of setup of a new game.

Load money to all players, in one click all players can be set to a specific amount of chips.

Transfer chips between players – In one click money can be moved between players

Shuffle players around the table – This new feature enables the random movement of players between seats.

Swap seats – This will enable the manager to swap between 2 player seats or move a player to an empty seat.

Straddle – Now the table supports a straddle from under the gun position.

Round table – New table shape, now you can order your table as a round table, design it as a single color or a 2 color. The table diameter is 74” and the TV in the center is a 55” TV.

New table pedestal – Now you can order the table with our new designed round pedestal. Can come in gold / silver or any other color you desire.